This WebQuest was designed to be thorough and encompass a variety of skills in the 2D Graphic Design and Publishing 1 curriculum. It is aimed at a grade 11 or 12 student, and is therefore at a reading level appropriate for such an age group. There is one text book associated with this quest, but you could certainly replace it will another relevant text if you chose to. I wanted to provide students with a number of outside sources to learn from, in addition to the teacher-lead lessons and the text book. There are links to articles on good design practices, as well as video tutorials for tools in Adobe Illustrator.

The activity is structured to take place over four weeks, so that there is time for the student to adequately learn each set of skills, and to apply them to each component of the project. My goal is that this WebQuest could be used as a practical tool for students to employ the skills they are learning, as well as explore more resources through the quest. It would function well in addition to your standard in class discussions, and the readings that you assign. One option would be to take one class a week for working through the WebQuest, and either have additional class time for the tasks, or allow the students to complete them for homework. In terms of access to tools at home, Adobe offers free trials of their Creative Suite software for one month. This would be a good option to recommend to your students who want to complete the tasks at home, but do not have Adobe Illustrator installed on their home computer. You can find that free trial here if you would like to share it with your students—or try it out yourself!