Graphic design is a skill, art, and discipline all wrapped up in one and the industry is made up of creatives who produce web, print, and 3D designs. There are many skills which are necessary to working as a successful graphic designer, and some of those we will learn here. Adobe Illustrator part of the Adobe Creative Suite and allows a designer to create sophisticated vector graphics that can be used as logo designs that stand alone, or as part of a cohesive design. Illustrator can also be used to create layouts for business cards and other important business items.

Learning how to use these tools effectively not only prepares you to move on to higher studies in graphic design, but it will also give you skills that can be used in the workplace (and in everyday life no matter what career you choose to pursue after high school.

Teacher Introduction

I work as a freelance graphic designer but have not taught before so my experience is all "in the field." From having been a student, I think that this WebQuest would benefit students in a graphic design elective, and would help them move through a lot of the overarching, introductory-level design principles. The program is set up to take place over four weeks, but you could definitely modify that if you saw the need to, or interspersed these lessons with your own plans that perhaps focused on other components and PLOs.